1. How To Reactivate Testosterone Hormone Production With Abs After 40

    abs after 40 benefitsAbs after 40 is an exercise and workout program designed for men over 40 by Mark Mcilyar a fitness model icon and model. The program was designed to help older men burn belly fat, develop abs, build lean muscle and live healthy by utilizing their male hormone to the maximum.

    The program is designed to help men over 50 with their workout problems. According to Mark, after 40 exercises become difficult, body parts become to hurt after exercise and results take longer. After going through a similar problem after hitting 48, Mark designed a program to advice and guide older men on how to develop the body they want regardless their age.

    How Does Abs After 40 Work?

    The program contains various phases to guide men on effective exercises to perform to aid in the production of a hormone that helps in burning fat. By targeting the production of the hormone, men over 40 can burn more stubborn belly fat. Each workout contains a short video demonstrating how to perform the workouts effectively for optimal results. The program phases include

    1. Fat loss Jumpstart-
    As the name implies, this phase is all about jumpstarting the body to start losing fat. Mark explains that after 40, men’s testosterone levels start to decline, consequently reducing the body’s ability to lose fat. Mark explains that men after 40 need to work differently than before to lose fat. This phase will show you where and how to prepare your body to lose fat.

    2. Male hormone optimization-
    The second phase contains exercises that will drive your testosterone to the roof. Not only will you start burning fat, your sex drive will also improve.

    3. Full Auto burning mode-
    Once your body starts producing testosterone, you will start to see amazing results. You ...

  2. Loosing Weight With Bio x4 The 4 in 1 Weight Management Probiotic

    Bio X4 reviewMany people are increasingly experiencing weight and obesity problems .There are various reasons for this, but following unhealthy diets and lack of exercise are the most common. Today’s sedentary lifestyles and consumption of processed food have contributed to weight gain and also general poor health among many populations.

    This is why Nucific Bio X4 was formulated. This supplement is designed to help you lose weight effectively and efficiently without affecting your productivity. It is packed with probiotics that help your digestive system to function optimally, leading to effective weight loss. Each capsule of the product has natural, fat-burning ingredients.

    The manufacturer of this supplement is Nucific, a well-known company in the area of nutrients and health. They have launched other successful health products such as Nucific Digest and Nucific CL X3.Their products have undergone tests in third-party laboratories, which is a sign of their efficacy and safety.

    The 4 Powerful Ingredients In Bio X4 

    Each capsule has over four billion units of colony-forming units (or CFUs) of healthy bacteria known as probiotics which are guaranteed to boost the functioning of your digestive system. It also contains digestive enzymes which help your body to extract the vital nutrients in your food. A third ingredient is EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) from green tea, which boosts your metabolism. The product also contains caralluma fibriata extract which works by helping to suppress your appetite, minimize unwanted cravings and thus control increase in body and obesity.


    Probiotics are useful bacteria which enhance your immune system, promote regular bowel movement and help to curb cravings. They are natural yeasts and can also help to treat various illnesses such as Chron’s disease, diarrhea in children and lung infections. Bio X4 contains a mixture of probiotics known as lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium.

    Digestive Enzymes

    The ...